Wifi Networks that deliver more than Wifi!
We currently manage over 200 Tourism WiFi Network Solutions

That's equivalent to over 200 small towns or villages

Great Wifi networks depend on Great Wifi Equipment

Over the years we have grown all our networks based on the Ubiquiti Platform and Amazon Hosting services, for great quality, speed and security.

We are experts in building Wifi & Data Networks for Tourism and Business

Once you have a ClubWifi network installed it opens up many new opportunities for utilising the superior system to your advantage by adding back-office Network Solutions, CCTV, APPS and DIGITAL SIGNAGE for your business or your customers to the platform.

We work directly with Holiday Park and Business owners providing customers with a fully managed supported service using the very latest technology.

Using your network to do so much more..

Your network can deliver many business services - it's important to get it right, and secure in all areas. Talk to us to find out what more can be done.

Below is a simple schematic of how a great network can drive up revenue for you. In this case for NEW Lodges, complete with WiFi, CCTV (both Client and Owner), Local Internal WiFi, Digital TV Services and online connected services such as Alexa and Siri. Giving the customer better than home from home experience. 


Portal Designs to cover all types of solutions. All with GDPR Compliancy and features to ensure users get the most out of the WiFi solution. All Clubwifi Solutions have security built-in as a priority and are family safe.


We Build, Manage and Fully Support Internal Back Office Networks using Unifi Security Gateways, Switches and Routers covering all your Security Requirements  


We have great experience in creating superfast bridge links and point to point networks, using the latest 5ghz AC range of products from Ubiquiti.


It is important to deliver a high-quality Wifi use experience in all areas of the network. We continually monitor and manage all access points and all networks for optimum performance and quality.


Cabled to Wifi solutions are now on the increase, delivering even more content and bandwidth to users than ever before. Using Lease lines and Fibre Cable networks, the sky is the limit.

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