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Whatever type of tourism or hospitality service you’re providing you can be sure of one thing – your customers expect fast, reliable and secure internet access while they are on-site with you.
The average user now consumes over 1.2GB of data per day, is your network solution fulfilling those demands.

Wifi & Cabled Network Solutions

Touring Parks

Wherever you are, we are able to deliver a Secure Wifi solution for your Touring Park Guests.

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Reliable Internet solutions  for your berth holders are a must, weather and shipping forecasts in particular.

Lodge Parks

We deliver a better than home experience for your guests with high speed lease lines and internal WiFi.

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From taking orders to card-less payments, your WiFi network needs to work hard for your business.

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Static Caravan Parks

Installing a Wifi solution that works for your guests is more important than ever.

Holiday Cottages

Providing Cabled Wifi solutions for the ultimate guest experience is a must for Holiday Cottages.

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Cafes and Bars

From ordering food and drinks on your APP to taking payment, we have got your covered.

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Bed & Breakfasts

Providing Wifi for your guests is more important than ever, catering for  every guests digital lifestyle.

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Factories 4.0

With high speed internet and wifi - factories 4.0 benefit with totally integrated solutions

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Spa's & Salons

Give your clients the best salon WiFi experience - link to your bookings APP and your online shop.

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Doctors & Dentists

Give your clients free internet access for a calming experience while waiting.while waiting.

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Reception Areas

Free Wifi in reception areas is a must - safe and secure and represents you in a great way.

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FREE WIFI - its the future

Wifi and Internet service for your customers is a real benefit. Capture user information, pass your latest news, even encourage user to download your APP. All possible...

Giving FREE SECURE WiFi has amazing business benefits if done properly.

How you satisfy that level of internet requirement, via WiFi or cables, will depend on many factors, including the location and landscape of your site as well as the type of areas that need network coverage. WiFi works perfectly for some parks, but cabled is the only reliable solution for others or a hybrid of both.


We will design a system that considers all the relevant factors and is appropriate for your business. Our goal is to provide you with a premium system that provides seamless connectivity and exceeds on your customer’s demanding expectations. 

Get Great Reviews

Your visitors no longer desire fast and reliable Wifi; they expect it. If your holiday park Wifi falls short of expectations, this will negatively affect customer experience and impact on your all-important review ratings.


Ensure your internet service for your customers gives you a 5 star rating.