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UDM PRO Network Controller

Connecting more users and even more devices concurrently across your network with speeds and data handling to match with even MORE NETWORK SECURITY analysis.

Older USG Network Security Gateways have been superseded by the UDM PRO - capable of up to 10X more traffic and users in real time. Dealing with White and Black lists access dynamically - keeping you and your users safe in all areas of the network.

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Full NVR software and camera controller built in ready to go - access your site remotely with NEW Unifi Protect. With amazing image and video clarity plus ease of use. 

Just add any UNIFI network cameras!

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No need for separate equipment, the UDM PRO will connect up to 10GB internet feeds, manage several cabled and wifi networks and 1000's of users and devices. In Built NVR with up to 16gb hard drive for recordings in 4K. Just add Unifi cameras and you are secure.

And finally, Secure Door Access, with database
management and control - so you can see and control access to areas anytime, anywhere.

UNIFI Secure Door Access Control

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A superb Door Security and access solution, a database that records everything, including video snap shots from the door reader and individual access cards if required. This addition to your Unifi network is a game changer for remote security onsite. Swimming Pool door entry, laundry rooms, games rooms, private staff areas and more, the list where this application may benefit is endless - and all in one access solution onsite.

Clubwifi has tested this solution with door mag locks and set up open timed entry and exits, even an audio welcome message on entry! It is amazing!!!

Standard UDM PRO Controller upgrade from £380.00 + VAT

NB Does not include setup, commissioning, fitting or NVR hard drive, cameras or door controlling hardware.

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