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Static Caravan Park Solutions

We manage many Static Park WiFi solutions, in all types of scenarios and locations. 

Delivering the best possible speeds and securities for your customers.

Static Caravan Park Internet Solutions

User demand for High Speed Data Networks on Static Parks has increased 10 fold over the last few years.
More people, more devices requiring more data and speed.

We understand what users DEMAND and our networks are built to exceed those user needs.

Supplying a 5 Star Digital Lifestyle

There is an unprecedented increase in users bringing their ONLINE digital lifestyle away with them.

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Sample Static Caravan Park High-Speed Network Solution.

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Onsite Data Cabinet.

Onsite Data Cabinet.

Do it great - or not at all!

We totally understand what this means, and getting it right is important from the get go - working out what is a great investment for a great user experience and adding value to future proof your park.

Streaming Media is killing TV

We make sure your network has the capability to deliver increased user demand. Media Streaming is very high use bandwidth, great systems give great service.


A fantastic solution

To cope with increased user demand we only recommend cabling solutions for static caravans with internal Wifi Access Points with ports for Gaming Machines, Smart TV's and Smart Devices.

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Internal Wifi and Cabled Access Point - Wall mounted

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