Future Proofing New Park Developments


Clubwifi provides future proofing data networks for new park developments. Working with park Architects and Designers, and Park owners, we provide network plans and detailed network topology to implement HIGH-SPEED Fibre/CAT7 networks and security systems ready for Internet-ready  “Plug and Play” pitches.



We are also actively working with Manufacturers to deliver Internet Ready Lodges and Mobile Homes direct from the factory. In principle, a simple "plug and play" solution for the new home users and management free for park owners.  For more details on these solutions, please contact us.

Why Plan Data Networks before Build?

The demand for internet usage on Holiday Parks is now at a premium and is set to grow even further with the advent of Smart Lodge technologies.


To continue to deliver HIGH-SPEED solutions for data streaming, multicasting and secure networks, we now have solutions for NEW park builds which are designed specifically for HIGH-SPEED internet delivery to end users. It makes total commercial sense to plan these networks in detail right at the design stage of any park development. This allows for all data points and repeating data stations, groundwork infrastructure and high-speed data to be correctly mapped and costed at this point.  Aftermarket fit of similar data systems are good but can be unsightly and expensive.


All of these networks are managed by Clubwifi and deliver even more service to the end users than current wifi solutions.

Building Gigabit Backbone Networks for Parks

If you have a project or plan to extend your park and would like to know more about the services we offer to ensure you keep ahead of the competition, please call us on 01626 270140 or email sales@clubwifi.co.uk 


All of our services are fully managed at all times, ensuring the best possible service delivery for your customers. We also ensure the best possible data feeds to site are available through our partner networks.

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