Improve Security - New Network Upgrade

During this lockdown, we're upgrading old and upcoming end-of-life security gateways (USG's) on our customer's networks. We've got over 200 networks to do!

Several of our customers use the UniFi Security Gateway (USG) router, which has been superseded. The latest model, the UniFi Dream Machine Pro (UDM-Pro), is now available for upgrade.

UniFi UDM-Pro

As well as delivering an enhanced level of network security, the UDM-Pro combines multiple features into a single device.

With in-built expandability, including features such as CCTV and access control, the UniFi network is able to deliver so much more than just WiFi and internet security.


  • Powerful security – the UDM-Pro offers advanced firewall policies and persistent threat management to keep your network continually safe from hacking and malicious traffic as well as protecting your customers.

  • No need for separate equipment - the UDM-Pro has the capacity to future proof up to 10GB internet feeds and manage several cabled or WiFi networks and 1000's of users and devices.

  • Superior performance - the UDM-Pro can handle up to 10 times more devices and user traffic in real-time than its predecessor models.

And, an added bonus - the UDM-Pro has an in-built network video recorder (NVR) software. With the NVR software and camera controller built in, just add any UNIFI network cameras, and you'll have a highly sophisticated park CCTV system.


Also, coming VERY soon (we're currently in-house testing) will be secure door access control. The UDM-Pro has a database that records everything, including video snapshots from the door reader, and individual access cards if required. It's a game-changer for onsite, remote security.

We're genuinely excited about the benefits the UDM-Pro will bring to holiday park sites. So if you'd like an upgrade, or a new installation, please contact us today!

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