Get the most out of your Apple Software!

Preferred Music Streaming APP

Everybody loves listening to music, and many of us will use our Apple Devices to do just this! With this new update Apple has given you the option to set your preferred music streaming service whether that be Apple Music and Spotify when you ask Siri to play your a particular song.

Face ID Updates

We are sure that this will be a very welcome feature! iPhone users with Face ID enabled that also own an Apple Watch will now be able to unlock their phone whilst wearing a Covid Safe Mask.

Just simply unlock your iPhone using the Face ID feature as you normally would and your watch will ask if you wish to lock or unlock your phone.

Privacy Settings

This update will be celebrated by many. Our online privacy has never been more important especially as we use our devices for so many tasks now.

This feature allows you to decide whether or not you wish to other apps to track your usage and take your data.

Click Here to Watch a video on App Tracking

Whilst companies such as Apple make these vast changes to their products, it's equally important to keep your WiFi Network updated to ensure that your Customers receive the best possible service.

All our Networks are completely bespoke to each and every business for this very reason for more information please give our Sales Team a call on 01626 270140.

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