Are you ready?

After lockdown last year, 4th of July 2020 to be precise, we experienced an unprecedented increase of internet use on all our client networks. we went from 0% to 120% in 1 day, as did everyone!

Most Parks have already been in touch to ensure their SYSTEMS, SECURITIES and INTERNET SUPPLY for users is ready for the season ahead.

AUG 2020 - 50,000 User's WiFi Usage...

Proactively Increasing Sales Onsite

User Demand on the increase?

End User Demand for internet access has quadrupled in the last year, and the amount of devices users are bringing to your site has increased by the same amount.

Network User Traffic and Security?

We have recognised these important facts and are continuing our rollout of higher network capacity gateways and increased security with UDM PRO's which has been available since December 2020.

Many Parks have also brought forward their Lease Line installs to ensure a smooth and hassle free internet experience for guests.

Our NEW 2021 CCTV solutions are all UDM PRO controlled, and comes with amazing NEW FREE app - UNIFI PROTECT, that delivers even more ability to your mobile CCTV viewing experience. For customers already upgraded to UDM PRO - the new Unifi Protect System is already in built - so no cost for a separate NVR.

We have had some amazing customer feedback on this latest upgrade.

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