40 years of internet!

WOW, lets take a minute and reflect on where we are and how far we have come! A massive journey in technical changes and more to come...

We have come on an incredible journey with the internet, and our network users are no exception. From the start of this pandemic, we have seen a massive surge in personal technology use and the demand for ever faster internet speeds!

High Speed - Fast Access Internet?

We are seeing park owner investments into faster lease line technology for users and internal business systems becoming the normal.

Park owners are now looking at these important services to increase sales and services for their businesses.

  • Online INSTANT booking systems

  • LIVE DH networks CCTV

  • Multi-band WIFI for even faster usage

  • APP's that sell products and services onsite

  • LIVE streaming digital signage

  • Static and Lodge Sales

  • Gas Services deliveries to pitch

This list is endless, the main objective is to use this as a business opportunity to increase sales both on and offsite.

Whats next?

The demand for faster and better internet connections is only going to increase, users devices will demand even more bandwidth and data usage. With NEW internet services coming online every day - it's only going to get even more demanding. Rest assured, we are prepared and here to help.

Latest Updates - Unifi Protect CCTV

Our NEW 2021 CCTV solutions are all UDM PRO controlled, and comes with amazing NEW FREE app - UNIFI PROTECT, that delivers even more ability to your mobile CCTV viewing experience. For customers already upgraded to UDM PRO - the new Unifi Protect System is already in built - so no cost for a separate NVR.

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