2020 WiFi Data Usage

The results are in! We've analysed last year's data usage across all of our parks and it's interesting reading.

Overall, we saw a dramatic increase in WiFi usage and the number of devices that guests are typically using. Consistent with the national statistics (UK internet use more than doubled in 2020), there has been a rapid acceleration in people's demand for WiFi.

How were holiday park guests using WiFi in 2020?

The top three activities were:

  • 90%: Media streaming (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, BBC iPlayer)

  • 86%: Online gaming (e.g. Microsoft Xbox Live, Sony PlayStation Network, Nintendo Switch, Apple Arcade)

  • 83%: Communications (e.g. FaceTime, Whatsapp, Facebook Live, Zoom, webcasting)

Notably, there was also a sharp increase in internet usage for work-related activities - 35% accessed the internet for tasks such as video conferencing and virtual private networks (VPNs). Historically there has been little demand for such services. But as working from home becomes more widespread people are increasingly taking working breaks away from home.

What next?

This explosion in internet usage and demand is here to stay. Whatever 2021 throws at us, we can be sure that holiday makers will expect a home-from-home WiFi experience. Several of our clients are ahead of the game and are already working with us to ensure they have sufficient free-to-access internet to cope with the demand. It's not too late for others to do likewise.

If you'd like to upgrade your park WiFi for the 2021 season, please get in touch.

We know that guest satisfaction is the number one priority for holiday park owners. So, let's help you achieve that and enthuse your visitors to leave those all-important five-star reviews.

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