Instant Messaging Support - Now available with ClubWifi!

Direct Support and Live Chat Module

It is vitally important that users and customers can always be in contact with a service supplier at all times. For this reason, we have now implemented our live chat functionality which runs along side our normal support hours.

Simply Click the Blue Icon located on relevant Web Pages (and this one) and you will be through to one of the Clubwifi Staff to deal with your query. Go ahead and try it!

Across Device Compatible

Once a few questions are cleared, the user will be recognised in the system for future reference. From that point we are able to send all types of information to the user. From Files, to web links, images and text based files, we are able to answer any queries very quickly from our database of previous logged queries.

Built FAQ's

Over time the FAQ database will grow, this is available for anyone to view to sort any queries they may have. This is specifically useful for new device owners and obviously new software and firmware updates to devices.

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