The Importance of Network Securities

The Internet has revolutionised the way the world works... it allows people to expand their knowledge, stay connected with one another, allow Companies to connect and do business together and the beauty of it all, is that it's always available.

We are now able to simplify so many tasks into simple processes. For example, the use of PDF Documents when signing Business Arrangements or Bank Letters.

However, there are many people who use the internet but not for the reasons it was created. There are individuals who are able to take important information from you, hack your devices and infect them with devastating virus's.

This is why it is so important that you ensure the Network you use is safe and secure. With Network Securities and Firewalls in place, you are able to avoid Spam and Malware Attacks whilst browsing the internet.

Here at ClubWifi, we use the UniFi Security Gateway offering advanced firewall policies to protect you, the network and it's data. This piece of equipment is used on our Networks to ensure our customers are protected at all times when using the internet.

Even when using the internet on a safe and secure network it is always wise to be vigilant. Do those emails seem suspicious? Are they asking for sensitive information? Ensure you are using official sites to make purchases and as always, think before you click.

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