Push Notifications are important for your Business!
Put your business in your customers pocket!

Users of your APP can feel in touch with you all the time, and enjoy the benefits of being updated directly on their mobile device with News, Offers and Events Immediatley from you.

Use the Clubwifi CMS Push Notifications Server

With ALL Client APPs we build, we have a CMS (Content Management System) which allows you to manage all your push notifictions to your APP Users.

You are able to send 2,000,000 push notifications per month ( = 1 notification per month if you have 2,000,000 users, 10 notifications per month if you have 200,000 users, 100 notifications per month if you have 20,000 users, etc.) More are available at an additional cost.

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Why use push notifications?

Push notifications are read over 40 times more than email and usually right away. They are personal and engaging and easy to use.

Records show that user engagement is much higher when using push notifications within your APP. The figures below are averages and depend on the actual message you are sending.  The results prove that this technology in business is extremely useful when engaging with your customers.







5 Key business benefits using Push Notifications

Your business APP, when built, will be published on the Apple APP Store and Google Play store, showing your unique business to your customers.

When customers have downloaded your APP, they will be connected to you like no other marketing solution available.  Using Smart Phone Technology, you are able to take advantage of quicker communications and direct updates to your customers, all with statistics and monitoring.

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