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DGPR Compliance and Legacy System Shut Down



It has been an excellent season so far this year, with new networks coming online and a host of new updates and upgrades taking place. We have updated over 90% of all our managed networks now to meet the GDPR compliance for May 2018.  We have seen a huge growth this year on the new ClubWifiCloud (CWC) service, with many new end users complimenting the ease of use and "no more repetitive login" screens to name a few.


With NEW GDPR legislation change, some networks still require an upgrade to meet these new requirements.  These documents here, aim to give you a clearer idea of why, when and what ClubWifi has done to meet and exceed these specifications for your public data handling on your networks.


All networks that have been upgraded/updated this year will meet the new required legislation standards. If you are not sure, please contact us. 


We have invested upwards of £75k in our NEW WiFi Management Software Platform, designed to deliver a new system that is compliant, safe and future proof where practicable. This also delivers a host of new features requested by you, our customers. The software and hardware was first implemented in April 2017 and has run continually for all NEW network customers to meet compliance for GDPR for May 2018.


There are many new innovations on the CWC platform which is now hosted at Amazon Web Services in Ireland. The new hosting platform is extremely fast with many layers of backup safety built in ensuring we continue to deliver a platform that is easy to use and above all - SAFE.


There are plenty of items to be discussed here, so to make it easy we have built this 5 section web solution to help you get all the information you need regarding regulation, updates and upgrades and the reasons why.  You will see the 5 buttons at the top of this page. To access this information again, you will need to follow the link sent to you in your email or text.



Many end users are embracing new internet technologies, Online Booking, IP CCTV, Google Docs and Banking to name a few, they are now heavily reliant on the internet whilst staying with you.  From recent research and our network analysis, we are seeing a dramatic shift in users habits. Now with more entertainment on demand, the ability to watch home CCTV systems, connect to virtual offices and work remotely on VPN's, their expectations for a safe and secure network while away are very high, a huge change from facebook and email, although still extremely popular!



This is coming now! With most customers networks on average getting over 80mb inbound, we are working hard with main Fibre Suppliers to ensure our customers get these faster connections sooner rather than later. These speeds are still growing with a few customers exceeding the 300mb network feed.



FREE Briefing Proposal

On the last page of this you will see a feedback form, we have tried to keep this relevant to all - please fill in as much as possible so we are able to equip you with what you need to move forward.


I would like to thank all our customers for their continued support and recommendations, it has helped Clubwifi to get where it is today.


If there is anything we can help regarding these updates, with please contact us anytime that is convenient for you.


Thank you and Regards




Managing Director 

Clubwifi Ltd


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