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We hope you have had a busy season this year and now looking forward to a well-earned break.  We are pleased to give you this end of year important update to confirm all new Clubwifi Networks and Installs are GDPR Compliant from the 1st January 2018.  Enclosed in these 4 web documents is a brief appraisal of what we have implemented for Public Wifi Networks and GDPR.


If your current public wifi network is paid or free to access, it needs to be GDPR compliant to meet regulation by the 25th May 2018.  All your internal system that collate any client/user details also need t b up to date. If you would like to know more - we are conducting a free briefing on 2 dates in January to give you an opportunity to come and discuss your business requirements. Please complete the form on page 4 of these web documents.


With the publication in the Official Journal of the Information Commissioners Office, GDPR will come into effect on 25th May 2018.



In the event of non-compliance with the key provisions of GDPR, authorities can impose fines of up to 4% of an organisation's worldwide annual turnover, or €20 Million - whichever amount is higher. 



Following from the DPA, the GDPR affects all industries, organisations and businesses that process personal data.


These documents here, aim to give you a clearer idea of why, when and what ClubWifi has done to meet and exceed these specifications for your public data handling on your network. There are many new innovations on the CWC platform which is now hosted at Amazon Web Services in Ireland. The new hosting platform is extremely fast with many layers of backup safety built in ensuring we continue to deliver a platform that is easy to use and above all - SAFE.


There are plenty of items to be discussed here, so to make it easy we have built this 4 section web solution to help you get all the information you need regarding regulations and the reasons why.  You will see the 4 buttons at the top of this page. To access this information again, you will need to follow the link sent to you in your email or text.


As you may know, GDPR is coming into effect in May 2018. ClubWifi has researched and invested heavily in our NEW Wifi Management software Platform, ClubWifiCloud. Designed to deliver a new system that is compliant, safe and future proof where practicable. 90% of our current customers have already upgraded to this system to ensure they comply with GDPR by May 2018.


FREE Briefing Proposal

On the last page of this information web solution, you will see a feedback form. We have tried to keep this relevant to all - please fill in as much as possible so we are able to equip you with what you need to move forward.


ClubWifi Networks are ready for GDPR 2018… Are you?

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