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Marina Networks

Marinas have changed over the years from the quiet place to get away or mingle with other boat owners to a true second home on the water.

Berth holders now expect a home from home experience while staying in your marina.  Each berth holder now brings with them their digital baggage - long gone are the days of just a mobile or maybe a tablet.  Now we see devices being used in many locations.


Internet Updates

Connected navigation equipment

Unlimited Devices


Allow users to connect to their digital lifestyle

Technology has also changed on the boats, and software updates are carried out regularly on electronic plotters and more.


We have over 15 years of experience installing and managing WiFi networks allowing you to concentrate on your business and the safety of your customers and their boats.

ClubWifi can provide various ways for your customers to login, via a unique login code, a Facebook login or via a bespoke APP.  Our unique APP’s allow you to keep your Berth holders up to date with what’s going on in the marina, Tide Times, Weather, Harbour Authority updates, special events, local attractions, pubs, chandlers and so much more.


Our other digital solutions are CCTV, perfect for checking on walkways, pontoons, facility blocks and reception areas.  Finally, our Digital Signage and APP solutions keep Berth Holders and visitors informed in reception, facility blocks, communal areas with Covid information, what berths are available, local weather, Tide Times, Local area information, office opening times - the list is endless!

Typical Marina Network

Sample Schematic and Layout

Marina Wifi Solution

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