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Holiday Cottages Internet Solutions

We manage many Holiday Cottage Internet Solutions for clients
elivering the best possible speeds and securities for visitors.

Holiday Cottages Networks - 5 Star Service

An amazing home from home internet service.

Sample Lodge Park High Speed Network Solution.

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We recommend Internal Wifi for Holiday Lodge installations, delivered lease line speed internet via a high speed cabled network solution, with each lodge having its own unique network switch and High Speed Wifi Access Point. A better than home internet experience - a major selling point for New Lodge Developments.

High Speed delivers HIGH QUALITY

Over 80% Stream Media

We make sure your network has the capability to deliver increased user demand. Media Streaming is very high use bandwidth, great systems give great service.


Connected Smart TV's

Smart TV's are the NEW standard for Lodges delivering on demand online services for visitors and owners - high speed internet is a MUST.

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Supplying a 5 Star Digital Lifestyle

There is an unprecedented increase in users bringing their ONLINE digital lifestyle away with them.

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And a whole host of cloud services

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What we do in 3 easy steps

1. Network User Needs Analysis

The network needs analysis is the most important part of any network project, understanding the possibilities and ideas that you wish to explore and deliver to your customers. This takes place onsite with a free no obligation survey.

Once all plans and costings have been agreed, now comes the actual build process. Our Engineering team spring into action to deliver a top class onsite network - not long before GO LIVE onsite.

2. Network Build Solution

3. Future Proofing the Project

Now the base layer is in place and from the needs analysis, we are now able to deliver even more on your network. Your APP downloads from your portal, remote CCTV, digital signage and your own back office services are a few elements that will rely on this backbone network.

You have our Full Support


24/7 Network Support

Whichever system you opt for, we’ll provide 24/7 support directly to you and your customers, so they’ll enjoy a seamless experience. Users consistently rate our customer support as 5 out of 5 which has a positive impact on their overall holiday experience.

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