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With the forthcoming rule changes, we will be shutting down our old legacy systems on the following timescales to remain compliant for users data handling.  This is important to our Sputnik WiFi Network Customers. If you are not sure please contact us.  All prepaid cards services will be stopping from the 1st of January 2018 - (These cards will no longer work and current active card owners will be issued with new online usernames and passwords)


Prepaid Cards Finishing - 1st Jan 2018

Why are Prepaid Cards Stopping?

The new GDPR legislation for data handling and tracking implies all network users need a registration, this is an impossible task with Prepaid Cards as they have no effective registered owner and are not traceable to an owner at any one time.   To replace this network access solution, users will be asked to register online through the Wifi Portal, whether that is a free or paid to access solution, the rules remain the same.

What do I do with OLD Prepaid Cards?

Simply put them in paper recycling or keep them for us to collect when we visit you next.


The Old ClubWifi Sputnik service will close on the 31st March 2018 - we are unable to run this service after this date, due to the none compliance of this software in regards to new UK Rulings for users data handling. We remain focused on delivering an exemplary service to you and end users at all times.


For customers who are upgrading, we have new updates for you for next season.  You will have your own login portal to view all your WiFi customers and download all their data with the correct permissions for use on that data.  This is being tested as we speak and should be available before Christmas this year.  There will be an update sent to you very soon. Click to view the guide here.



What if we don't want to upgrade?

We do understand that these changes are not welcome by a few, however, we are dictated by law to provide these services in the correct manner, ensuring you, and your users are digitally safe at all times.  Should you wish to obtain quotes from other GDPR Compliant suppliers,  we will do all we can to help and advise. If that is the case, we Thank for your custom over the years and wish you all the best, however, we do hope that you stay with us for a continued mutually beneficial business relationship.


Most systems are becoming out of date, so this is a good time to update and upgrade the public networks you have.



Why do I need to upgrade and update?

Like all systems and technologies, there are limits to what it can deliver as it becomes obsolete and out of date.

With the NEW CWC (ClubWifiCloud) System, with built-in GDPR compliancy, it delivers all that is required and more with the ability to grow over the coming years. This new system is now hosted on Amazon Web Services for the most reliable and fastest data delivery available.  This is one area you will not have to worry about, as we will continue to support all network queries through our support services as normal.


Does all my network need changing?

No, most changes for this require a new USG (Unifi Security Gateway) and new Broadcast Antennas.  All internet Bridge links are not affected by this upgrade and all upgrades are indivdually quoted.

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