WiFi for EV Charging Areas

Giving WiFi to EV Customers

EV charging wifi

Giving Wifi to Electric Vehicles while charging is a huge benefit to an EV Owner. EV's do regular over the air software updates, and WiFi is the fastest way to do this.

Separate WiFi Zone SSID 

Clubwifi is able to provide these secure WiFi areas on your network allowing your EV customers to benefit from your Unifi Secure WiFi while charging, and get some awesome reviews while doing so.

Tesla How to Video

What are the benefits?

1. Safety and Systems Updates on Electric vehicle are important. This keeps any connected EV up to date with the latest security and firmware updates that manufacturers send out to all vehicles on a regular basis.

2. Maps and Route Guidance - again, these are changing all the time, no more DVD or CD's with maps, this is now updated real time over the air, along with other systems such as WAZE and GOOGLE MAPS.

3. In Car Entertainment is a big thing now, with many EV manufacturers allowing the use of gaming while on a charging station. Great for the kids and grown ups alike.

4. Media Streaming, Netflix, YouTube and Spotify are just a few of the onboard entertainment services available. So, while charging, customers can catch up with their latest episodes of Netflix or stream the latest news bulletins.

EV Software Update Screen

software update tesla.jpg

Clubwifi EV Installation Partners

We are working with some great EV Installation Partners, who fully understand the whole EV charging process - the do's and dont's of what and how to supply. We are happy to give these recommendations, just get in touch. And make sure its 11KW or more 😉.

Keep your Electric Vehicle Customers happy - Complimentary WiFi at charging points will certainly benefit your business and aid towards great reviews for service.

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