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Customer CWC How to Use Guide

This guide is to help you navigate data and information about your network.  The accounts held, how to download information and filer/sort data available to you. You will not be able to change any settings or system designs - this is read-only.

Please note all sensitive data has been overlaid with grey boxes for this guide - you will see all data on your own CWC Portal.

User Details

The Main Dashboard is a snapshot of what accounts are active and who they belong to. The blue "Details" button allows you to view individual accounts in more detail.  


Search Tool

The system has a very powerful search tool built in - top right. You are able to search for usernames and passwords - or parts of to find users details.

Created, Ends at and Status

In this view - you are able to see when user accounts where created and when they will end.  An automated email is sent to the user just before their account is due to end notifying them that their time is nearly up.


Status has 3 sections -

Green Active - Online Now

Grey Active - Active account not online

Orange Expired - Account has expired.

Date Range Selection

There is a small drop-down menu with a calendar image (Top right of the screen) - this will allow you to date select a range - or filter information from a specific date range. This will become more apparent further in this document for downloading datasheets by month.

Main Dashboard

Main Dashboard Screen - Click to Enlarge

The Main Dashboard also shows your Logout and Settings where you are able to change your password for your own login. You may use the same login for other members of your team if need be. As this is a read-only system, it does give total transparency where required without worrying about changing system settings.


Should there be any other requirements you need or features you would like to see - please contact us on info@clubwifi.co.uk 

Please note - certain areas and features in the software may change from time to time as the system evolves.