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Partridge House
Kennford, Exeter


Tel - 01626 270140        Email sales@clubwifi.co.uk

NEW for 2018​ from ClubWifi

We have new Support Services now operational 365 days a year, from 08:00 until 20:00. This is run by our qualified Ubiquiti Engineers team who will assist in all First and Second line support.  First line support covers areas such as lost passwords or failed payments.  Second Line support is focused on the networks such as failed Access Points. Third line support is usually internet feed faults where third parties are involved.  A Clubwifi Engineer will be in direct contact usually before you know.

NEW - Updated Support Services - TIME SCALE QTR 3 2017
NEW - Customers Access to ClubWifiCloud (CWC) - TIME SCALE QTR 3 2017

ALL CWC NETWORKS - You will soon have access to the NEW CWC System to view your users' accounts, check sales, review data rates and download user data and information.


We will be sending an update out shortly asking you for your Username (the email address you wish to use) and Password. This may be changed at a later date, you may also assign the login to others if you so wish.

You will only be able to view the information and not be able to make any changes to networks, settings or systems. So rest assured,  you will be safe to do what you like in the system. Full details of how to use and view this information will be published once final testing has been completed.

Click image for larger view

NEW - User Data Downloads - TIME SCALE QTR 3 2017 

ALL CWC NETWORKS - The screen here shows the Data Download screen and system sections.  This is a detailed view of who is using your network and how long their accounts are active for.


There is a host of extra information available which does detail each user and their devices clearly.  You will not be able to make changes, modifications or update settings.

This is a read-only view.


Click image for larger view

ALL CWC NETWORKS - The screen here shows the Data Download for transactions taken place on your network. This can be filtered by time and date and sort ordered in each column.  The search facility allows you easily to find a user by name or email address.


There is a host of extra information available which does detail each user and their devices clearly.


NEW - Payment Logs for Customers - TIME SCALE QTR 3 2017 

Click image for larger view

NEW - Network Security and Firmware Updates - TIME SCALE QTR 1 2018 

ALL CWC NETWORKS - All CWC networks are managed and controlled by ClubwifiCloud in our Cloud Systems. This facilitates updating firmware across all networks for improved antenna performance and security at all times.


Clubwifi Engineers are now able to remotely update and control your whole network at any time. This ensures all is up to date and operational at all times.

These new procedures will allow us to carry out this important work remotely.



NEW - Antenna Solutions - TIME SCALE QTR 3 2017

ALL CWC NETWORKS - Over 90% of Clubwifi Networks that have been upgraded this year have the NEW Unifi UAP M PRO Antennas installed across their networks.


This antenna delivers amazing WiFi connections in both 2.4 and 5ghz ranges whilst providing over 250 simultaneous connections.

With Gigabit data feeds, this unit has the power to deliver incredible WiFi to both new and legacy user devices.

NEW - Multi-Channel layering - TIME SCALE QTR 1 2018

ALL CWC NETWORKS - We now are able to broadcast up to 4 separate networks from the same UAP M PRO Antenna.


Customers are now using this technology to create the following:

1. Public Wifi - Paid/Free Login
2. Wardens Wifi - Secure WPA KEY LOGIN
3. Private Wifi - Secure WPA KEY LOGIN

4. Wifi Connected Devices - Authorised Device (Wifi Tank Readers, Wifi CCTV)

Click image for larger view

NEW for CWC Network Owners and Users - TIME SCALE QTR 2 2018


Network Users

1. Users will be able to select to opt in/opt out of being contacted - that data will be available to all Network Owners

2. Users will be able to close their accounts on request and remove themselves from ClubWifi Systems

3. Users will need to agree to Terms and Conditions before accessing any Clubwifi Networks


Networks Owners

1. Network owners will only be able to download authorised data from Users that have agreed their data be used by you
2. Network owners will  have total transparency in ClubWifiCloud on their networks (owners login)

3. Network owners will be able to view all data logs on their networks
4. Network owners will be able to view payment types.

ClubWifi does not hold any financial third party user data at any time. All transactions are completed through a fulfilment house process such as PayPal and Stripe.  Any payments made by users will also see a direct track reference from "ClubWifi Ltd" in their own purchasing accounts (Bank Account, Credit or Debit card)


ClubWifi Data Use
We only use the user's data in two areas (Email and Mobile number) - this is made clear on the network login screens and is as follows:

1. To Send Email Receipt to the user to the email address supplied

2. To send an SMS/text message with the user's Username and Password

3. To send an email with the user's Username and Password

Users will have the option to request their data is deleted when they are registered with ClubWifi Ltd.


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