Networks for Holiday, Touring and Static Parks


Clubwifi manages over 300+ park networks, ranging from Holiday Parks, Touring parks and Static Home parks of all shapes and sizes. Each network is different and we tailor bespoke networks to ensure everyone gets that correct solution for their business.

All the networks are different in the way they supply access to users, Paid to Access solutions, Free to Access solutions and unique code solutions, all of which are managed through the Clubwifi Portal and managed servers.

 Typical Design layout for Park Wifi

Clubwifi Park Map

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 Typical Design layout for Cabled Connections

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 Cabling for Wifi?


Seems a bit strange adding cabling for a wifi network, however, this does have its advantages. We use Cat7 cabling where possible to give resilience into a WiFi network core backbone. This allows the network to operate with less radio interference and have cabled connections to broadcast antennas to give optimum speeds and data delivery.  A mix of both, where practicable, is recommended, however this depends on the actual site geography and sometimes WiFi 5ghz bridge links are the answer. Plus this can be price prohibitive laying cables underground in ducting.  On new park developments this is always a great option, we have NEW solutions specifically for Park Designers/Architects and Park Owners that address this directly.

Clubwifi Fully Managed Wifi

 Fully Managed Service


All aspects of the network are connected and controlled to the Clubwifi Server Controller, this gives a 24/7 support and solution service to all our networks.  From changes to Antenna broadcast, change in broadcast bandwidth control are just a few areas that are all remotely managed at all time.

If you would like a free survey or to discuss any of the services we offer to your business - please contact us on 01626 270140 or click for the enquiry form below.