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Over 95% of YOUR customers will use complimentary internet when available.

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Key benefits...

  • More Users, more Sales, more re-bookings

  • Better reviews on your business

  • More network users

  • Unlimited devices


Lower fixed cost support

Over 95% of your visitors will use FREE WIFI if it is available! - which means what to me you ask? 

Simply, it means you are able to promote, sell and increase your offerings to these users by Network Marketing to these users. All GDPR Compliant means that your offers, promotions have a direct audience to the correct decision maker, and thats over 95% of your visitors onsite.

If you have an APP, users can be directed to get Network Passwords from a section in you APP. This means another registration in your APP ready for Push Notifications.

Whichever system you opt for, we’ll provide 24/7 support directly to you and your customers, so they’ll enjoy a seamless experience. Users consistently rate our customer support as 5 out of 5 which has a positive impact on their overall holiday experience.

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Complimentary WiFi Calculator

Giving your customers complimentary and unlimited internet access requires supporting from time to time. Making sure the network is working at its optimum, helping end users with specific technical queries and of course firmware upgrades for all areas of security on the network. Support for these type networks has dropped considerably and inline with that we have provided you with this online calculator.