Common Questions
Payment Questions

How do I know if I have paid for an account?
Common Payment queries relate to the account not being fulfilled completely.  If you have paid - you will be online right away, you will receive an email notification and an text message with your username and password.

If a payment has failed, you will not have been charged and you will not be able to connect online.

Can I use a Debit Card or Credit Card?
The ClubWifi system uses all types of Debit and Credit Cards - both domestic and foreign. The same applies and you will see in your bank statement - "Clubwifi Payment"

Will I get a receipt?
Yes, you will receive an email receipt of payment - for business users, you will see the VAT Number on this receipt.

What does the payment screen look like?
Here is a copy of the payment screen from a mobile device - it shows the simple process of account information request.

Please use the email address you want to receive receipts and you username and password.

Please use your current mobile number - this also helps if you require any support at any time.

Password Questions

I have lost my Password?
Your username and password will be sent to the EMAIL address and MOBILE number you used at sign up. However - if you have deleted these and cannot find your password - please contact us and we will reset your password.

I have the correct Password and cannot login?
The password system is case sensitive - be careful when setting up your account that you do not mistype your password. If this does happen - please contact us at support.

Login Questions

I have no Login Screen?
Sometimes a device will not be able to get the login screen - in most cases this is very easily rectified. Either click the LOGIN button at the top menu or type a web address into your browser that is not cached. This process will force the login page to appear.

Also - make sure you are connected to the network and have an IP Address.  In certain situations, we have found users have switched off their wifi settings on their device.  Please make sure you are connected to the network and all should work fine.

I cannot login other devices?
Depending on the type of account you have - 2 device/5device - will depend how many devices you can login in at any one time. If you wish to log out a device over you account limit, you will have to disconnect the device form the Clubwifi network and wait an hour, this will allow the system to loose your device connection allowing another new device to login.

Device Questions

Am I able to connect a Smart TV?
Newer Smart TV's have Wifi built in - and more importantly, an internet browser. If your Smart TV has these - then you will be able to login by connecting the device to the network - open the devices web browser and create and account or login in with an account you have.

Please Note - Older Smart TV's do not have this facility.

How do I connect an Firestick?
Firesticks are built primarily for home use - simply connecting to your home network via a network key password.  The Clubwifi system requires a network connection, then an internet browser to login.

Older devices with out of date firmware?
We try where practicable to ensure legacy equipment works across Clubwifi Networks, please make sure your device's operating system is fully updated and you should find your device will work OK.  In certain cases, older equipment with small wifi antennas are not strong enough to send/receive decent wifi broadcasts at a distance and this may be an issue.