Keeping you safe with amazing IP CCTV

Protect your business and safeguard your guests with next-generation CCTV security.

CCTV cameras are an essential tool to help prevent unwanted visitors and activity on your site while reassuring guests that you value their safety.

We provide wireless HD CCTV solutions that will continuously monitor all areas of your business with picture-perfect imagery. Our CCTV systems use internet protocol (IP) cameras which transmit and receive data over your WiFi network. Each webcam is a standalone unit which only requires a network connection to transfer images.

Probably the best CCTV images I have ever seen!

Local Police Comment after incident report.

You'll be able to monitor your video streams from multiple cameras in real-time, as well as watch back recorded footage. With remote control on all cameras, you can zoom in or adjust the angle for better viewing when dealing with a live event.

Covering all your bases

Parking & Charging

Security for customers every where

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Reception Areas

Monitoring your payment areas

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Storage Areas

Looking after prized possessions


Service Areas

Taking care of serviced areas


Key benefits:


  • Remote access means you can monitor your cameras from any internet-enabled device giving you peace of mind when you’re off-site.

  • All cameras have infra-red and night vision ensuring 24-hour security.

  • Video footage is automatically backed up and stored in the cloud. You can easily search for and retrieve recordings when necessary.

  • Wireless installation keeps your site tidy.


We offer a free, no-obligation survey and quote. Since all businesses differ in their layout and requirements, we’ll design a solution that’s specific to your site.

The brains of the outfit

with no knobs or buttons!

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Stores hours and hours of rich HD Video content accessible on all your chosen devices - LIVE