Case Study

Greenwood Grange

WiFi & CCTV Network and Bridge Links

Manor Farm Network.jpg

Business Requirement

The requirement from Greenwood Grange Holiday Cottages was to find a proactive supplier to provide and manage WiFi for every accommodation onsite, to provide faster internet for office and business online solutions and to provide networked CCTV across the site.
 All these solutions need to be managed and proactively improved as new solutions come to market.

Clubwifi Solution

After evaluating the business requirements, we provided a detailed plan with the ability to grow in the future. Installing a custom rack for lease line connectivity and internet switches for both Public Access via Wifi and Private Access for the business was point one. Then to build the site network using several Wireless Bridges to beam internet to relevant buildings with Wifi Access points being in most building lofts. This reduced the impact of unsightly equipment on old buildings. 
 On top of this network, a CCTV system was added, again with discrete cameras blended into the back ground and the main recording unit also added to the services rack. 
 All systems are remotely managed and updated on a regular basis. These systems where delivered on

Clubwifi Diagrammatic

Manor Farm Network.jpg

Customer Testimonial

Greenwood Grange

The team at ClubWifi have always been really helpful ct information, understanding our requirements and budgets to ensure that they find a ‘best fit’ option for us. I have always found them to be very flexible when it comes to installation and ensuring this does not adversely affect our business or inconvenience guests. Any call outs for system failures have always been dealt with promptly and resolved very swiftly and with the utmost professionalism.

Zoe Belcher - Manager

Dorchester, Dorset.