Autumn Activities

With Halloween and Bonfire Night being celebrated around the Country today, it provides opportunities for Local Holiday Parks and attractions to stay open later in the year. They are able to provide lots of different Autumnal Activities for Children and families bringing more economical growth to later in the year. Bonfire Night Breaks are now being offered at a range of Holiday Parks around the South West. With Firework Displays around the Counties being prepared and organised there are so many reasons to still visit the South West!

Broadband in Rural Areas

As the Internet becomes the Fourth Utility after Gas, Water and Electric the demand is increasing dramatically. This is something the Government are spending time and money investing in, but possibly not quite quick enough! For large businesses, such as Holiday Parks Leased Lines are the best option! A leased-line is a dedicated broadband connection. Rather than sharing a broadband line with your neighbours - as you do with any other kind of broadband. A high-quality broadband connection is absolutely vital to your business. With most leased line packages, you can change your bandwidth whenever you want - meaning you can pay less in quieter months. It’s more secure and private than a shared

Is your WiFi GDPR Compliant?

As professionals in our field, ClubWifi will still see Networks across the South West which are not GDPR Compliant. Many Businesses know that GDPR came into affect on 25th May 2018 but are still choosing to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to Public WiFi Networks. All is not as difficult as it seems however! With ClubWifi we are able to Support and Manage the whole process of your New Public WiFi Network. From the initial install, to the Secure login portal which is GDPR Compliant! For more information on how to bring your WiFi Network to the 21st Century, then contact us on 01626 270140 or

Google Alerts and how they can help you and your Business

The beauty of Google is that it can almost do everything! Google Alerts are a great way to enable notifications of New Content of an Alert that you create. For example, you could be notified when there are mentions of your name on the web, or perhaps your business? Or even your Competition? It's very simple to set up and will send you an email notification whenever Google mentions your Alert. As you can imagine this can be very beneficial to lots of people in various businesses. For more information take a look at the following link -

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