Speedy Payments!

Nearly half of all UK consumers (43%) consider 'speed and ease of payment' the most important factor when paying for something online. This is the reason we provide our Customers with a GoCardless solution for all their payments - providing simple, quick and easy payments between both parties. No need to chase invoices or check statements. They receive an email when expecting payment or when payments are being taken so that everyone is 'in the know' at all times. Our Networks also process online payments - with GDPR compliant confirmation emails and text messages, the end users on our Networks know exactly what is happening with their payments and their accounts. We also provide a reminder s

Unsecured Databases

An unsecured data base, is like leaving your front door wide open... With sensitive information stored such as personally identifiable information, financial reports and Intellectual Property Right. A large number of these breaches happen when databases are not secure or haven't been configured correctly. It is vitally important to ensure that security of your Businesses data at all times. ClubWifi can provide a safe and secure Network for you and your Customers - a extremely valuable amenity to have! For more information please contact us on 01626 270140 or info@clubwifi.co.uk.

Business Back ups and recovery?

Now that most businesses are solely based online, online security has never been so important! Is your data key to your business? Do you have back ups and data recovery procedures? Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive all iCloud services that are encrypted and safe and are online all the time. Saving you time and money. All Cloud services work with all devices so you are able to access your data remotely on your mobile and in office on your PC making finding work documents easier than ever!

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