How have your customers needs have changed?

End users needs for a WiFi Network have changed. ClubWifi has now been in the Tourism Industry providing an awesome WiFi Experience to Customers all over the South West for over 12 years. In this time we have seen not only technology change but the way WiFi is being used. With the adaptation of devices being capable to stream, this is now becoming the number one priority of WiFi Users when on holiday. They wish to Stream movies and TV programs through various Applications or Network Devices. Ensuring you have the fastest broadband speeds possible with a dedicated Business LeaseLine will help with these needs, along with a brilliant WiFi Network from ClubWifi providing awesome coverage across

20th Anniversary of WiFi... Can you believe it?

Can you believe that WiFi turned 20 years old this month?! I know we can’t. You may hear on a day to day basis ‘what did we ever do without wifi?’, but when you’re heating, lights and calendar information is dependant on it then it really does become difficult to imagine a life without WiFi! This is how your Customers feel when they are on holiday - they want to stay in contact with their loved ones, post social media updates showing off the local attractions and check up on their work if need be. These wants and needs can all be facilitated by ClubWifi Networks providing a seamless WiFi Service to your Customers with zero hassle for you! For more information on how you can make your Custome

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