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 Bespoke Network Solutions

All of the Clubwifi technologies we use adapt easily to the business marketplace, providing exemplary networks and wifi solutions. From holiday parks to office spaces to factories - the same rules apply.  We have has many success stories where customers have been surprised at the results of what has been achieved, their business becoming more efficient and saving money on capital expenditure.


The new antennas we use, cover 100's of simultaneous connections to devices and deliver blistering quick speeds. And now more business people are mobile, it makes sense to give these teams the best connections to get their work done, quickly and efficiently without downtime and network issues.  Increasing productivity and of course - your business's bottom line.

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 Your Journey

One of the most business critical solutions you will make is with your business systems, at Clubwifi we fully understand this and have taken this journey with many customers.  Sometimes the journey takes a while and business systems are grown over a period of time, others, the journey is relatively short. In either case, the results are truly amazing,  we continually under promise and over deliver.

Building systems and services for your business starts with a detailed meeting and survey, just to get a full understanding of what YOU and the business needs, and what is able to be delivered, maybe a stage rollout solution or a much bigger building project, the principles are the same.

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 Pride in what we do

We take enormous pride in the work we do, all projects and installations are supervised throughout.  We deliver High Quality installations in all areas of our work, From complete rack component builds, cable network installs and WiFi External networks. We are always compliments on the standard of our install works, cabling networks is one of our areas we specialise in.

 The good, bad and the ugly...
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 All Cloud Managed

All Clubwifi Servers and Management controllers are hosted securely at Amazon Data Centres. This gives total peace of mind and security at all times, which allows your systems to be fully managed and controlled remotely at all times.  We have found customers have become more reliant on these systems and services Clubwifi provides, from increased data connections, secure business WiFi coverage and networked CCTV solutions - all controlled and managed every hour of every day.