APP Content Reference
Details of sections in APP development and Design
APP Icon Design

Your APP Icon is often the first thing the user sees before they decide to download the particular APP. Your App Icon reminds the user of the existence of the application and its relationship with your business.

It is vitally important the APP design follows your corporate identity while standing out from devices screen of potentially crowded apps.

5 Key points for you to consider on APP Icon Design

1. Make it Recognisable

2. Make it Memorable

3. Make it Simple

4. Use Vibrant Colour

5. Do not use Words on Images



Colour Set Design and Management
Colour Sets.png

Original Company Logo


APP Icon from Colour set


Using your original company identity, the colour sets may be extracted and used in the design of the app icon. These colour sets and colour modes are important for the continuity or the app with text, menus and colour bars - keeping the familiarity of corporate design for the user.

Business Details with Sub Categories

Fig 1

Fig 2

Subcategories within a Section

Making information easy to access and use is paramount. This is why we break down information into categories.

FIG 1 shows a full list of the information in the business section.

Fig 2 shows the drop-down menu sorting all information into specific categories. This is easily done in the COntent Management System.

Remember to make this navigation easy for the user and intuitive so they always know where they are in the APP,

Mapping Location and Info

Embedding Mapping Coordinates within APP Data gives the user much more...


In the Example above, a listing of information is now connected to a mapping solution, which in turn may give direct navigation instructions to the user the chosen place of interest. This type of mapping may be applied to any event, place of interest of general information in your APP.

Contact Details with relevant links

The Contact Details page may use all the devices features.


The contact page can link to SMS, Email and Phone contacts all in the device. 

Shown here is the button "Call Us" and it directly uses the device phone feature to make the call. The call then may be saved as a number for future reference.


Social Media links are also a popular way of contacting businesses and these are also direct links to other device features.

Websites are unable to do this easily, that is why having your APP for your business to be used by your customers is vitally important.

LIVE Local and National Weather feeds.

The Weather section maybe configured to any destination.

From the Weather Link in the APP menu, the weather page shows Location Active Weather Information. This may be detailed further for more accurate information if required by the user.

Events Calendar

The Events Calendar only shows upcoming Dates...


A date driven page of events is the start to this section, clicking on the event brings up details of the event, click the top right "cross" and it will add to your devices calendar. It also has route and navigation to the event with location mapping for other upcoming events.​

Local Services Databasing

Using the Content Management System - this database is simple to manage yet powerful in use.


With great content, these databases become very proactive using all the features of any smart phone. From the example above you are able to see and use navigation, phone, email and website links, all doing different tasks from the smart phone. This varied content may be used to extreme benefit for your users.

Social Media Feeds

Social Media for users is growing all the time, now its simple and based directly in your APP


The Social Media Section of your APP is a LIVE feed connection. It displays all information embedded into your APP, no need to leave the APP, Social Media users are able to connect to their own accounts through these links and create posts and interactions directly with your business.