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Wifi for Tourism

Adding a public WiFi solution to your companies list of facilities is a great way of getting customers through the door.

We provide a large range of solutions to businesses, councils and museums, giving the ability to not only provide secure public internet access but to also allow you to become more creative in the way you can offer your services to your customers. We are also able to create DATA CAPTURE information from your network users so you can keep them up to date with the products and services you offer.    Click To view current networks

Holiday Parks and Touring, Camping Sites

Holiday Cottages and Farms

Hotels and Guest Houses

We can supply WiFi Internet access to your cottage guests, giving each building its own access point and unique SSID. Providing your visitors with a solution that is branded with each of your cottage’s names and offering fully secure access at all times.

If you operate either a Hotel of Guest house, WiFi access for your guests is essential. Whether it’s to enable your guests to work, to help plan their stay away or to keep in touch with home with loved ones at home, we offer a complete solution for your business. Broadcasting a secure public WiFi  signal across the whole building and into each room, your guests will be able to login and download from wherever they choose.

Cafe's and Restaurants

Offering WiFi internet access to your patrons can attract more business and help increase the time each customer spends enjoying your services. All of the major cafe and restaurant chains already offer WiFi access to their customers as a main selling point, now you can too with our simple to use solution. We can provide either a completely free to access system, or provide prepaid cards that you can issue with a drink or meal, ensuring users keep coming back and increasing your sales as well as customer satisfaction!

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Sector 2.4GHZ Antenna

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