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Sales Areas

We pride ourselves in being one of the longest running independent WiFi companies in this industry sector. Our customers are our life blood, so we ensure we deliver a great service to our network owners and total support for their customers at all times.


We take WiFi security very seriously and have invested in great solutions providing peace-of-mind totally managed networks.  Our customers have grown with their demands on our WiFi solutions, we continue to deliver - high end, safe and secure public access at all times to all networks.

ClubWifi supplies a huge range of network solutions to both the Tourism and Business market places. We have many years experience with many different business types requiring unique WiFi solutions for their business. Below are the main categories in which we specialise in.

Indoor Network Solutions


Vehicle Showrooms

Exhibition Centres

Doctor/Dentist Waiting Rooms

Hotels and Guest Houses

Holiday Home Complexes

Holiday Cottages

Law Firm Meeting Areas

Business Reception Areas

Outdoor Network Solutions


Holiday Parks

Camping and Touring Parks

Static Holiday Homes

Large Holiday Cottage Areas

Outdoor Exhibition Centres

Business Trading Estates

Building to Building Links

Long Range Internet Supply

Mesh Network Solutions


Large Area Hotels

Holiday Homes

Stately Homes

Night Clubs and Venues

Indoor Exhibition Areas

Business Meeting Rooms

Cafes and Restaurants

Pubs and Clubs

Point to Point Solution


Long Range Internet Supply

Remote Camera Networks

Building to Building

Industrial Estate Internet Supply

Commercial Longe Range

High Speed Airfiber Networks

Replacement for Fibre Cable

High Capacity P2P links