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Network Video Recoder (NVR)

NVR - Networked Video Recorder

Simply the best on the market for ease of use and small form factor, and best of all, the whole system is accessible from any PC, Laptop, tablet of Smartphone on your network. See recordings, view history or live stream, all from your own desktop or device.

NVR main unit

NVR - System Details

The Ubiquiti family of products from Wifi to Cameras all work on the same base software infrastructure. This allows a seamless install and a reliability we know just works. The system is expandable - the NVR will connect up to 50 Cameras and you are able to add more storage via the USB 3.0 sockets on the NVR if required.

Full Motion Detection, Mobile Support, Remote Access are just a few of the amazing features of this NVR.

Small but Powerful... 1200 hours of Recordings

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